Night 1

Last night was my first night on the road. In the weeks leading up to this I was very much at ease, in the past week I became increasingly excited, and in last two days before taking to my car I have to admit that fear began to creep in. Not a deep down in my core fear, but an anxiety that was not on the positive end of things. However, In the last few hours before night time rolled around I again felt okay. Not exuberantly excited, but also not largely afraid. Maybe it’s because I was finally forced into it and had nothing else to do.

I showered Powerhouse Gym right after attending Running For Brews at Pour House. After devouring 20 wings and a Guinness from Maloneys, I crawled into my car bed at around 10:30. Aside from the mental notes I made about how to make said car bed more comfortable, sleep came pretty easy. I set my alarm for 7:30, plugged my phone into its solar charger, and put Audible on The Lake House by Kate Morton. I fell asleep before the end of the chapter I was listening to.



I woke up a few times in the night. Small issues like being a little too hot, a little uncomfortable, a train rolling by at 2:30AM. Other than that nothing of interest in the night. I was anticipating more fear in the night, more akin to the kind of unease I felt when I went primitive camping alone, but I certainly felt much more at ease sleeping in a locked car alone than I felt sleeping in the woods alone.

I woke up with my alarm to a cool gray morning. If my alarm didn’t wake me up, the construction noises from the Publix being built down the road would have done the job. I pulled back the sheet I draped over the back end of my car and lay in my bed a while. Cue the exact thing I knew would be the most annoying thing to deal with while living in my car: the need to use the bathroom.

I gathered my Valentines day outfit, toothbrush, face wash, and day bag and headed into Ginger Beard Coffee for a warm caffeinated drink and pancakes. And of course to use their bathroom.


All in all not a bad night in my new home.


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