It’s been 3 nights since I took to my car. I’ve spent two nights parked on the side of the road, and one with a friend (for whom I did dishes). What’s beginning to dawn on me is that it isn’t the nights and sleeping arrangement that seems to be the biggest difference. Sure sleeping isn’t as cozy, and I do have to put some thought into where I’ll park my car, but that doesn’t feel like the biggest challenge to me.

What is coming up the most is the amount of planning I’ve got to do and the small details that make the difference between living in a car and living in what feels like an episode of Hoarders.

Clothes. I packed WAY too many clothes. I currently have one duffel with work/running/climbing clothes and I could probably cut that in half. I have another large bag with clothes like jeans, crop tops, denim shorts, sun dresses (that’s my whimsical side thinking I might go for a walk in a sun dress, HAH), real people clothes. Those can also be cut in half.  Which brings me to my next thought: I’m realizing that a lot of my clothes don’t need to be washed as often. My new rule is that if it isn’t underwear, wasn’t heavily sweat in, doesn’t smell, and doesn’t have something spilled on it it doesn’t get washed. Not that I should have a large pile of laundry after 3 days, but it is surprisingly small.

Shoes. Oh my heavens, shoes. If you know me, you know I have a plethora of colorful spunky shoes. I honestly brought along almost every pair. That needs to change. While I love putting an outfit together that has shoes to tie it all together, it’s just very illogical for me to keep them all on my passenger seat floor.

Showering. It’s a little more annoying than I anticipated. While I used to be able to shower at whatever time of day I wanted, I now have to plan my showers around open gym hours. Where this is most annoying is when I do my evening run clubs. After I finish a run the last thing I want to do is dash and find a shower, I like… no I LOVE to socialize with my running people. Some of them who live in the building above the bar that hosts the run club have offered to let me use their shower, I may have to take them up on their generosity because getting into a bed un-showered is one of my least favorite things. I may end up a member of Anytime Fitness.

The nitty-gritty details. Organizing. I’m realizing that I need about 10-15 minutes EVERY time I get into or leave my “home.” It takes a surprising amount of time to get together what I need to leave and to put everything back where it goes when I get back. For example when I leave first thing in the morning I have to pack up the clothes I’m going to change into for the day, my toothbrush, face wash, and whatever else I may need for what I’ve got going on. The first place I go may be a coffee shop, work, Publix, or just a public bathroom. If it’s the public bathroom I don’t need more than the clothes, toothbrush, and face wash; if it’s work it can get more complicated. (As I write this I actually had to run back to my car because I forgot my computer charger.) When I get back to my car I have to put chargers away, dirty clothes in the proper bag, refold and put away re-wearable clothes. I have to keep my trash in check. Banana peels, apple cores, granola bar boxes, plastic bags: those all have to go.

I have to actually look at my schedule. It’s safe to say that is not previously a common practice for me. What time do I work? Do I need to run before then? If so I’ll have to shower. So where does it makes the most sense to sleep tonight? This weekend I’m going out of town. Do I need to stop by my storage unit for anything? If so when makes sense to go?

This will all just take time I think. I’d guess in maybe two weeks I’ll have a more efficient system squared away, less things in my car, and somewhat of a shower and sleep location schedule figured out. On to the storage unit to lighten the load.


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