Back Out There

Other than last night I spent the previous 5 nights in actual beds, which wasn’t actually part of the plan, but things happen. After staying with friends twice I had a small family emergency that landed me at my parents for a few nights. Which was kind of funny to me because I had to hide my car-bed from my parents. They definitely do not know that I’m doing exactly this. They know I don’t have a place to live, but as far as they know I’m temporarily subleasing from a friend. Also I’m not sure how they didn’t catch on because anything I needed I just popped out to my car and came back with it. “Caitlin, here’s a phone charger, here’s some soap, here’s some laundry detergent.” Don’t worry mom, I got it.

I’m not complaining about sleeping in beds! But it does feel like I’ve been missing out on something, so I am glad to be back in my car. I set up my bed so that it’s now just about as comfortable as a regular bed. The issue before was that the top half of my bed was about two inches higher that the bottom half. I took my self inflating camping sleeping pad, folded it in half, and put it under the bottom half of the bed. Not as spacious as a bed of course, but at least it’s flat now. I also keep an eye out for the flattest parking spots. Something I never payed attention to until I was sleeping in my car is how street parking can often be more elevated near the sidewalk, and lower on the street side. That also can be awkward and uncomfortable. So with a flat bed and a flatter parking spot (the 20 mile run had nothing to do with it), I slept like a rock for 9 beautiful hours last night near Channelside.

I’d LIKE to find other places to park, but honestly the spot I’ve got now is great. I’ve got a bar that opens as a fantastic coffee shop in the morning and my run club runs out of the area. I also feel very safe there. If anything awful were to happen (which I really don’t anticipate at all because the area is great) I do have two friends who live in the condo right there.

Further adjustments to be made to my car include finding a way to block the back windows at night. I don’t really want to black them out because if I don’t have an alarm for sooner I like waking with the sunrise. I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but right now I’ve got a sheet that covers the whole back section of my car when I’m sleeping back there. I just don’t love the idea of someone looking in and seeing a sheet covering everything and wondering what’s under it. I also feel weird crawling out from under a sheet into the front seat of my car. Then again I do sleep on the side of the street so I don’t know why I feel weird about anything.


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